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The Open EAN/GTIN barcode number database lets users query barcode numbers online and receive information about related products. The database contains EAN/GTIN/UPC/JAN codes and provides detailed information about the products that are tagged with such a barcode number. The API lets users query the database from their own web sites and applications. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in TXT A quick GTIN lookup will give you access to a product's basic information, and a calculator will allow you to convert between various product identifiers as they may be needed on different marketplaces. They are crucial to e-commerce as they simplify the time and search process when the user searches for a product. GTINs also play a role in search engines and other platforms to compare pricing information which allows sellers to compete more effectively with other sellers The Open EAN/GTIN Database API endpoint is located at http://opengtindb.org/?ean=[ean]&cmd=query&queryid=[userid]. You can find the Open EAN/GTIN Database API portal / hompage here. The Open EAN/GTIN Database API is not currently available on the RapidAPI marketplace Die Open EAN/GTIN Datenbank ist ein freies und offenes Projekt das von seinen Besuchern und Nutzern lebt. Aus diesem Grund ist die Abfrage der Daten auch nicht nur per Webfrontend sondern auch aus eigenen Applikationen heraus möglich. Die hier eingeblendete Werbung dient dabei lediglich dem Zweck, die Betriebskosten für Server, Traffic, Domain und anderes zumindest teilweise wieder hereinzubringen

Countdown API is the most feature-complete Ebay Product Data API Data Extraction Lookup by GTIN, ISBN, UPC or EAN. Locations & Cross-Border Shipping Data JSON, CSV & HTML Bulk Processin here is the API link for it: http://openean.kaufkauf.net/api.php; or this: http://www.codecheck.info/ Both are in german but the language doesn't matter, EAN is EAN :). try your barcodes there, maybe the database contains your EAN's Rainforest API is the most feature-complete Product Data API Data Extraction Zipcode and Postcode Localization Lookup by GTIN, ISBN, UPC or EAN. Locations & Cross-Border Shipping Data JSON, CSV & HTML Bulk Processin API/Datenbankzugriff | FAQ - häufige Fragen: Daten abfragen Es ist ebenfalls möglich, auf die Open EAN Datenbank aus eigenen Applikationen heraus zuzugreifen um eine EAN-Abfrage durchzuführen. Das geschieht mit einem simplen HTTP-GET-Request, der folgendes Format aufweisen sollte: http://opengtindb.org/?ean=[ean]&cmd=query&queryid=[userid BlueCart API is the most feature-complete Walmart Product Data API Data Extraction Lookup by GTIN, ISBN or UPC. Zipcode-Level Data JSON, CSV & HTML Bulk Processin

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I recommend using Amazon's Product Affiliate API, however there are a few other options available as well. Free with Terms & Conditions Amazon offers a comprehensive database of product information. This API is available through their affiliate program. The information supplied via this API contains much more information as most sellers are. Lookup of the extracted GTIN in a database, either local to your application or via some public API, to provide a textual representation of the country of origin, manufacturer and possibly the item description. To perform this process comprehensively an application requires access to external resources. Background: GS1 Application Identifier Standard Format Composition . GS1-formatted data. The Barcode Lookup API makes it easy to integrate our product database with your shopping application, barcode scanning app or inventory management system. Make an API call by sending us a barcode number or search term — that's all there is to it! Our proprietary software returns the product's name, category, description, images, retail pricing and more

Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) English Deutsch Español Latviešu Nederlands Português ελληνικά عربى ภาษาไทย 中文(简体) 中文(繁體) 日本語 Basic view Advanced view GEPIR is a unique, internet-based service that gives access to basic contact information for companies that are members of GS1. More info about GEPIR. Search by GTIN. Search by Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) Search by GLN. Search by Global Location Number (GLN) Search by other GS1 Keys. Search by other GS1 Keys such as SSCC, GRAI, GIAI, etc

Real-time product data, pricing and demand analysis via API. Best-in-class product matching, product enhancement best-in-class channel insights Using GTIN, EAN or UPC on Price API When requesting product data on Price API, you have to somehow identify the product you want us to look up. Many (but not all) data sources allow their users to search by these codes. If you request data from one of these sources, we suggest to use these codes, because it generally improves the product matching Search for companies by company name, company prefix, GTIN®, or GLN Download the complete list of company prefixes, active company prefixes that have been issued by GS1 US to date, or a list of prefixes that were added or modified by GS1 US during the month Choose from single user, five users, 10 users, or unlimited users access options Do one-by-one queries, download mass queries, match your. search php barcode isbn lookup gtin upc ean gtin-codes isbn-10 isbn-13 Updated Jan 29, 2019; PHP; eansearch / python-ean-search Star 5 Code Issues Pull requests A Python class for EAN and ISBN name lookup and validation using the API on ean-search.org . python isbn lookup python-3 gtin python-2 ean13 upc ean Updated Oct 16, 2020; Pytho A PHP class for EAN and ISBN name lookup and validation using the API on ean-search.org - eansearch/ean-searc

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  1. The EAN-Search API allows you to lookup products by EAN, UPC or GTIN barcode. Barcode Scanning With Firebase With ML Kit's barcode scanning API, you can read data encoded using most standard barcode formats
  2. Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) can be used by a company to uniquely identify all of its trade items. GS1 defines trade items as products or services that are priced, ordered or invoiced at any point in the supply chain. See how GTIN works>
  3. Find a GTIN. A Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is a unique and internationally recognized identifier for a product. When a GTIN is available, it will appear next to the barcode on your product's packaging or book cover. Submit GTINs in your product data using the gtin attribute to help us classify and display your products
  4. Easy Barcode Search. Find products by name or EAN, UPC, ISBN or GTIN identifier. Our database contains over 250 million products. Integrate our API into your app or website! Sign up today. Example: Search for 5099750442227 or iPad. 5099750442227 iPad

E-INVOICING API Connect with IRP using APIs; Ask Masters; TOOLS . Verify GST Number Search GST taxpayer by entering GST Number; GST Number Search by Name or PAN Search GST taxpayer number by Name or PAN; HSN CODE SEARCH Online tool to find latest HSN codes and GST tax rate; CHECK GST RETURN STATUS Online tool to check your GST return filing status; SEARCH GST CASE LAWS Search recent GST. GTIN format, either GTIN-8, GTIN-12, GTIN-13, or GTIN-14. Classification is done after stripping leading zeros. prefix: biip.gs1._prefixes.GS1Prefix ¶ The GS1 prefix, indicating what GS1 country organization that assigned code range. payload: str ¶ The actual payload, including packaging level if any, company prefix, and item reference. Excludes the check digit. check_digit: int ¶ Check.

We are attempting to provide such a service at https://productlayer.com - this service is the result of me wanting to have a way to know product names for scanned barcodes. At the time there was no such service in existence, except Amazon`s produc.. When we do a lookup for that GTIN, we will add the 0s back in before looking up the EVRYTHNG product. GS1 Digital Link in the Dashboard . Once a product and one or more Thngs are correctly configured (as described above), the EVRYTHNG Dashboard will automatically display the equivalent GS1 Digital Link both as a URL and as a QR code. The example Thng above would therefore look similar to the. GET /api /Produkt2 /GetProdukterByGLNAndGTIN /{gln} /{gtin} Returns a list of produkter that matches the gln and gtin GET /api /Produkt2 /GetProdukterByGTIN /{gtin Open Product Data is open data, licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). You are free to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt our data, as long as you credit Open Product Data and its contributors. If you alter or build upon our data, you may distribute the result only under the same licence The Digit-Eyes API provides four methods for obtaining data: Try it! This endpoint allows you to obtain the data for any of the UPC/EAN records in our database. Enter a sample code and your keys in the form below to see the result and to obtain a sample content URL. Try it

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b. GTIN-13. This GTIN is given to standard products, except for the US and Canadian geography. If you are a manufacturer away from the US or Canada and are planning to sell in these two countries, your product or shipping cases would require GTIN-12 and GTIN-14. The same products to be sold in any geography will need GTIN-8 or GTIN-13. c. GTIN- Wrapper around DigitalEyes UPC Lookup API. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets Defines the search string for lookup. Depending on chosen key, parameter value expects a valid GTIN, EAN, UPC, a keyword or a product id. All 3 examples returns the same result for a lookup on amazon: key: gtin, value: 08902527431911. key: keyword, value: samsung galaxy s3 16gb white. key: source_id, value: B0080DJ6CM

GTIN Live Check provides users with the ability to perform real-time checks against GS1's global list of over 10bn issued GTINs. Users will be given an API to integrate into their business systems giving them live access to GS1, with a verification response returned within 0.1 seconds. GTIN Batch Check is a managed service that gives users. GTIN-14, SGTIN, and other identifiers from major standards bodies at both item and outer package levels; DSCSA serial number from saleable-unit parent; Blockchain transaction addresses, block IDs, and hashes ; It can also handle items not covered by these approaches, such as items compounded in a hospital that don't have an NDC. Interoperable with Hospital Technology and Automation Systems. If you're a developer looking for an easy-to-use API for barcode lookups, you're in the right place. Whether you're building a shopping application, a barcode scanner app, a product information lookup app, or any other mobile application or website using barcode lookup technology, our API is easy to integrate. You can make an API call by sending us a barcode number or search term. We search.

ASIN API - online API for ASIN LOOKUP and ASIN conversion. What is our ASIN API service? Our ASIN API service allows people to convert asin to EAN,UPC,SKU,ISBN and more from applications and services using a simple http call. the service also supports converting from UPC,SKU,ISBN and EAN back to ASIN. Who may need this service? If you have a program or a service that requires converting ASIN. In collaboration with the National Library of Medicine, the FDA has created a portal, called AccessGUDID, to make device identification information in the GUDID available for everyone--including. Lookup by GTIN, ISBNm UPC or EAN; Location & Cross-Border Shipping Data; JSON, CSV & HTML; Bulk Processing; Easy Integration; Compare ; Infrastructure; DOCUMENTATION; Pricing; Buy Now. The Top-notch for Amazon. PiAPI eliminates the need for manual scramble as well as web-scraper maintenance which is why it is the only API you should be using. Try A Live Demo. Get API key Free. Real-time Data. Download the .json returned by the GetNext method and store the data and images. Use the GTIN as the lookup value. †Search criteria: the way you will process your coverage file to remove any unwanted products eg. products you no longer stoc Unique Device Identification (UDI) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) created unique device identification, often abbreviated UDI, a rule that requires medical device manufacturers to update their products with a unique device identifier that includes both device and production identifiers (such as expiration date and lot or serial number)

Barcode Lookup API. The Barcode Lookup API provides you with a programmatic access to an extensive database of barcode data and product information that you can integrate into your application. API features: With the Barcode Lookup API, you can make a request by sending UPC, EAN, ISBN codes, or search terms and retrieve a wide variety of product data, including name, features, pricing, images. WooCommerce Rest API Product integration: GTIN code is passed inside the 'ean_code' field; Suggestions. If you have any suggestions concerning how to improve Product GTIN (EAN, UPC, ISBN) for WooCommerce, you can contact @emanuelacastorina on Slack. Screenshots. Settings Options Page of Product GTIN (EAN, UPC, ISBN) for WooCommerce. Product editor > Inventory > GTIN Code field. Product. EAN-Search.org - Database with over 110 million barcodes and API for apps UPCCodeSearch.com - Quickly lookup over 118 million products by UPC, EAN, or ASIN. upcScavenger - product info on over one million bar codes. Barcodes Database - searchable database of barcoally and internationally UPCDatabase.com - UPC/EAN barcode/product database Open Food Facts- Non-scrapped, quality open data over. Lookup Properties. Lookup properties are read-only, computed properties which contain entity primary key Edm.Guid data for one or more corresponding single-valued navigation properties. More information: Lookup properties and Retrieve data about lookup properties. Name Single-valued navigation property Description _createdby_value: createdby: Shows who created the record. _createdonbehalfby.

Our API Plans. Go UPC is the ideal back-end for product-enabled applications. All of our products are accessible via a JSON API, and you can perform lookups by UPC, EAN/GTIN, and ISBN. Check out our plans and find the one that fits your needs The GTIN-12 number is part of the family of GS1 global data structures that employ 14 digits and can be encoded into various types of data carriers. Although, the initial UPC usage was focused on retail point of sale (POS), many other industries have adopted this coding structure. As of January 2005, there were significant changes to the terminology involving product barcode marking. Please. GTIN-8, GTIN-12, GTIN-13, and GTIN-14 numbers, commonly found in EAN-8, EAN-13, and ITF-14 barcodes. GS1 AI element strings, commonly found in GS1-128 barcodes. UPC-A and UPC-E numbers, as found in UPC-A and UPC-E barcodes. For a quickstart guide and a complete API reference, see the documentation. Installation. Biip requires Python 3.6 or newer. Biip is available from PyPI: python3 -m pip. The first 2 digits of the EAN-13 or GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) code are containing the country of the article. The country is coded with 2 numbers, e.g. the numbers 40, 41, 42 and 43 represent Germany. The next 5 digits code the producer of the article. The following 5 digits represent the article number which is given by the producer. The remaining last digit is the check digit. If you would like to request access to AGIIS or need assistance with your current user name and/or password, please contact Member Services at 1-866-251-861

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UPC/EAN Product Code API Implementation Guide Page | 4 DIGIT-EYES UPC/EAN DATABASE API OVERVIEW The Digit-Eyes UPC / EAN database contains over 250,000,000 items identified by UPC, GTIN, EAN, APN and JPN codes. It grows continually as a result of search activity by our customers. Listings are provided in 12 languages GTIN. Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is an identifier for trade items developed by GS1. Such identifiers are used to look up product information in a database (often by entering the number through a bar code scanner pointed at an actual product) which may belong to a retailer, manufacturer, collector, researcher, or other entity. The uniqueness and universality of the identifier is useful in. (GTIN) and can therefore not be sold separately. If there are several unmarked variants EPD will give them an ID («Umerketvariantnr») starting with '1' and counting for each unmarked variant in the basis unit (GTIN). The «Umerketvariantnr» can only be used together with the GTIN of the basis unit Specified by: weightedValue in class ModulusCheckDigit Parameters: charValue - The numeric value of the character. leftPos - The position of the character in the code, counting from left to right rightPos - The positionof the character in the code, counting from right to left Returns: The weighted value of the character What is GTIN? GTIN stands for Global Trade Item Number. It is developed by GS1 and is used as an identifier for trade items. These identifiers act as lookup product information in a database. GTIN helps to identify which product in one database corresponds to which product in another database due to its uniqueness

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FindProducts. Note: Starting on July 1, 2021, developers using Shopping API calls must authenticate with an OAuth application access token using the X-EBAY-API-IAF-TOKEN HTTP header, as both the appid query parameter and X-EBAY-API-APP-ID HTTP header will be deprecated on June 30, 2021. Developers should start making plans at their earliest convenience to migrate to using OAuth application. REST API ; FAQ ; Contact & Service ; EAN-14, GTIN-14. Overview. How to use. Generator. Object. Office Add-Ins. Barcodes. Licenses. Shop. Description of EAN-14, GTIN-14 The EAN 14 code is used for traded goods. The code is always 14 numeric digits long: The first two numbers are the Application Identifier of the EAN-128: (01). You cannot change them. They are part of the code. You must not. API for product lookups using GTIN/EAN codes; Sample product pack CSV export; Regular DM+D as SQL export; System licenses for integration. To learn more about Unilexicon for medicines server with admin site, open source licensing, integration, and customisation support see source code repository. Contact . To request an API subscription, full data and CSV exports, point out issues, suggest new. Free ISBN Web Service. From The Programmable Web comes word of ISBNdb.com, a large database of books indexed by ISBN. Of interest to developers is the fact that there is a complete (and free) REST API. Items in the site are organized (and accessible) via book, subject, category, author, and publisher index. Several (ok, many) ECS developers. Die Bezeichnung GTIN zeigt es jedoch: Der Barcode gilt international und auch in den USA ist man seit 2005 dazu angehalten, den 13-stelligen Code zu akzeptieren. Leider funktioniert dies noch immer nicht reibungslos. Für die USA und Kanada wird immer wieder empfohlen, einen UPC-Code oder auch GTIN-12 zu beantragen. Schöne Grüße, das EAN-Suche.org Team. Gratzer Alexander sagt: 1. April 2017.

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Updated Login Requirements Existing GHIN Golfers must create a profile to access ghin.com Create Profil Definition. Barcodes are numbers used as stock control mechanisms by retailers: as such they are highly standardised and well recognised, and form an invaluable identifier for communication between companies.. On physical releases, they usually appear in the form of a machine-readable series of black and white bars, hence the name barcode

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Amazon Vendor Carton Labelling: GTIN, SSCC, AMZNCC - Which is right for me? 27/05/2021. Getting started with GS1 UK. 03/06/2021. Upcoming events. 27. May. Amazon Vendor Carton Labelling: GTIN, SSCC, AMZNCC - Which is right for me? 28. May. The Food Exchange by Enterprise Nation. 02. Jun. CareScan+: enabling safer, more efficient patient care . View more. Adapt quickly to changing retail. Option to set product specific values for GTIN, MPN, etc. Easily manage multiple feeds with a user-friendly dashboard. 2. Checkout Address AutoFill For WooCommerce Pro . Checkout Address AutoFill For WooCommerce is a WooCommerce add-on which allows your user to autofill both Billing and Shipping address fields in the checkout page by using google address autocomplete API. This plugin also has. ASIN lookup. Enter a valid ASIN number and we will look it up for you. ASIN

The Barcode Lookup API makes it easy to integrate our product database with your shopping application, barcode scanning app or inventory management system. Make an API call by sending us a barcode number or search term — that's all there is to it! Our proprietary software returns the product's name, category, description, images, retail pricing and more. Sign up for the API. Ask a question. Hi, I am developing a mobile APP in Angular Js using storefront API. I want to create a simple search field where customer can enter the barcode of the product and it returns product details like product price description etc. The physical store has thousands of products and this simple mobile app will let customer

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GTIN Lookup. Easy search options from our Amazon, Target, eBay, and Walmart UPC database. Compete with giants with the most accurate data in your business arsenal. 190,000+ Brands 1,400+ Categories 100+ Languages. Record Refresh Rate Up to 10 seconds. Historical & Real-time Data. Custom APIs with intuitive UI. Dedicated Support Teams. Builts for Real Teams. Competitive retail data with. Countdown API is the real-time Ebay Product Data API you've been looking for. No manual rules or web-scraper maintenance required Otherwise you can also use the Google Search API for Shopping, which is deprecated, but offered until September 2013. To search by UPC codes, you have to use the gtin parameter in the URL. If you are interested, read this article about the GTIN - Global Trade Item Number, which explains how it is related to UPC. If you are not, I'll make it. Find products by name or EAN, UPC, ISBN or GTIN identifier. Our database contains over 250 million products. Integrate our API into your app or website! Sign up today. Example: Search for 5099750442227 or iPad. 5099750442227 iPad Amazon Product Advertising API. The Amazon Product Advertising API seems to be the defacto standard in UPC lookup.

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Download the product data from Get Unsent and store the data and images, using the GTIN as the lookup value; Upload feedback to Nielsen Brandbank and let us know of any issues *Search criteria: the way you will process your coverage file to remove any unwanted products eg. products you no longer stock The Web Servic API/Developer Portal Expand/Collapse. Release Notes Expand/Collapse. GS1 US User Portal Expand/Collapse. Did you license a GS1 US GTIN and want to create a barcode? Learn how to work with this GTIN in GS1 US Data Hub. Welcome to GS1 US Data Hub Help Center. Use the categories on the left hand side to focus on a specific topic. Or type keywords in the search box. Or get answers to basic. A GS1 Company Prefix must be licensed from GS1. The company prefix uniquely identifies your company as the brand owner of the item. It expires annually, so a company needs to maintain its subscription for the company prefix in order to use it. The.. Below are quick steps to export your product data, including assigned GTINs, using a XLSX formatted spreadsheet. For more details, please view the Product Create/Manage User Guide in the Help Center. 1. Click Product > Manage. The Manage Products page displays. 2. If you don't apply any filters, ALL of your company's saved product data will be exported, including products with the Draft.

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I'm working on a lookup so that I can match what the MC Products Diagnostics page refers to with the Accountstatuses, Feedstatuses and Productstatuses API resources include. I know that Accountstatuses can return a title for each issue, but this is inefficient as the issue identifier codes are generally smaller than the titles, and I assume some titles may change. Here is my list so far. API v2; Articles; News; Contact; Feedback & Support. ISBN Barcode Scanner . ISBNdb: The World's largest book database™ ISBNdb gathers data from hundreds of libraries, publishers, merchants and other sources around the globe to compile a vast collection of unique book data searchable by ISBN, title, author, or publisher. Get a FREE 7 day trial and get access to the full database of 27. A Python class for EAN and ISBN name lookup and validation using the API on ean-search.org Homepage PyPI Python. Keywords barcode, barcodes, ean, ean13, ean-13, upc, gtin, isbn13, isbn-13, search, lookup, find, valid, validation, isbn, python-2, python-3 License MIT Install pip install eansearch==1.0.6 SourceRank. 10 + GTIN (13 digits + 1 check digit) + 17 + Exp. Date + 10 + Batch Lot Number How to Encode Control Characters like TAB or ENTER in a Barcode? To add special characters to a barcode, please follow these steps: Open the barcode creation software (like Barcode Studio) to encode placeholders for control characters, so-called escape sequences. First, enter the barcode data. To create an. Once you have an active Barcode Lookup API Key, you can use their API as-is by writing custom code. If you'd rather not code anything, you can browse the integrations we offer on this page, which will access Barcode Lookup. The Open EAN/GTIN barcode number database lets users query barcode numbers online and receive information about related products. The database contains EAN/GTIN/UPC/JAN.

Search by UPC barcode or product name. Examples: 823880024474, Bruce Springsteen Our UPC database contains over 53,740,000 12-digit barcodes. If you are looking for 13-digit EAN barcodes, please visit ean-search.org.. Please use the XML API for automated access to the UPC database (for apps etc).. To obtain a UPC code for your own products, you can by them from GS1 or a reseller, like Bar. If you set the Enable lookup for product search option to Yes, the lookup will show not only product masters but product variants. For more information, see Search for products and product variants during order entry. Additionally, you will be able to search and filter on the product number, the product name and description, and the product dimension IDs of the product variant. When you select. Use our UPC Lookup tool to find product attributes for any UPC or barcode, including price, images and listings on various retailers. Easily do one-off UPC searches

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No online lookup necessary. Even when encoded in a Web URI, it must be possible to access GS1 identifiers without making an online look up. It cannot be the case that, for example, a point of sale scanner fails because of a problem with internet connectivity. This principle is closely related to the next. The resolver is not part of the identifier. This is where we need to be very careful as. If you would like to search for an item in our database, enter the GTIN (UPC-A) or Keyword. Search Entries: Login Status. You are not currently logged in. Username or Email Address: Password: Remember Me » Lost your Password? Sombrero Vueltiao 19 vueltas Tricolor. UPC: 726667270937. Read More.. Sombrero Vueltiao 19 vueltas Tradicional . UPC: 726667270920. Read More.. Watch storage box. UPC. LEADTOOLS Barcode SDK is the world's premier toolkit for developers that require an API to detect, read, and generate 1D and 2D barcodes. Featuring a fast, highly accurate, and reliable barcode engine for .NET (C#, VB, Core, Xamarin, UWP), C, C++, iOS, macOS, Linux, Java, and web developers, the award-winning LEADTOOLS libraries help programmers create amazing applications with full-featured.

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- Corrections on GS1 identifiers (GTIN-14, no support for GLN) - Added chapter on data carrier coding rules - Added data type for UI downloads - Added process description on how to obtain API credentials - Updated structure of data types EO-ID, F-ID, M-ID, upUI, aUI - other minor editorial changes Version 1.0 Oct. 2018 Initial Versio GTIN-12 is twelve digits and can start with zero, which has important implications for scanning and integrating with other systems. Please note that SAP Retail does not store leading zeros for EAN/UPC. Technically, a GTIN-12 could start with as many as eight or nine zeros, but to date GS1-US has only assigned prefixes starting with four zeros. GTIN-13 (EAN-13) GTIN-13 are for retail consumer. GS1 Application Identifiers. There are many industries which follow the GS1 (UCC/EAN) identification guidelines. In order to attribute meaning to data encoded within a bar code symbol, an Application Identifier (AI) prefix code used. Aside from denoting the meaning, this prefix also indicates the format of the data that follows it (data field) See the API reference for details on the API and data fields used in the examples below. Similarly, you'll want to convert a GTIN to GTIN-14 before using it for a database lookup: >>> result. gtin. value '123601057072' >>> result. gtin. as_gtin_14 '00123601057072' By consistently using GTIN-14 internally in your application, you can avoid a lot of substring matching to find the database.

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