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You may think that you are the only one having this problem, but if you would check online, you will realize that there are so many other people who are experiencing this issue too. You would like to get answers, and hopefully, by the time that you reach the end of this article, you will know what to do. Gamers know that a 144Hz monitor is genuinely one of the best things that you can have. I've been seeing this question a lot so I decided to make this video to help you out! : Please visit my second channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSbHZg6CRLSeghbkj4H-IWgNOTE: If your monitor does not support Gsync and you do not have this..

144 Hz + 60 Hz dual monitor desync / vsync problem - YouTube. This video describes how to fix the common in game FPS drops associated with dual monitor setups with UNmatching refresh rate or. Since swapping the cables and the 60Hz responded the same, I would feel it is not the cable. The 144Hz should need the DVI-D (dual link), hence the blurriness. Try to set the 60hz monitor to 59Hz or even 59.9Hz. Try to set the 144Hz to a 120Hz. Seit einigen Monaten wenn nicht sogar Jahren gibt es in Win10 (auch in Win7, dort aber leicht zu beheben anscheinend) einen Fehler, welcher dafür sorgt dass in einem Dual Monitor Setup der.. 144hz + 60hz monitor problem. So I have one gtx 980, a somewhat old 1080p 60hz HP monitor, and a new 144hz ASUS VG248QE. Now the problem is that having both of these, anything that makes my 60hz monitor refresh causes some screen tear and stutter on my 144hz monitor. I've searched nearly everywhere for a solution but there doesn't seem to be one, I've tried plugging the 60hz into the. Main problem: I have stuttering while watching netflix on the windows 10 app on the 144hz monitor if both monitors are connected. Additionally sometimes if I choose duplicate screen mode, the 60hz monitor is not acting as supposed, occasionally simply not displaying anything at all and therefore I have to toggle through the modes for a couple of times until it works

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  1. No. Having two panels at different refresh rates is not the problem as long as you run them at the same Hz with Nvidia Surround. If you want different hertz you need to put it to 120Hz instead of 144 because of intervals, 60/120. My Computer. My Computer. Computer Type: PC/Desktop
  2. d that because i can just play in fullscreen and the problem is fixed. Hover the new problem is that when in fullscreen the game lags when i press ESC or open inventory in a game like fortnite. It acts like its some weird combination of fullscreen and.
  3. Yeah, comment down if you had any other issues.I'd recommend you do this AFTER you've tried all other fixes there are on youtube.I tried all, they didnt work..
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  5. While searching I came around of some reddit posts dedicated to this 144hz/60hz issues and instant tried finding a solution for it. For me, NOTHING helped to have different Hz on my screens (PG278QR 144hz and VS248H 60hz). I feel like, this is something which needs to get WAY! more attention from Media/Users and in the End needs to be fixed by MS or nVidia asap! There are several Threads on.
  6. This game is in an app environment. The problem about explorer.exe is, that it have to handle apps and normal progams. This is the difference between win10 and win7. I have no issue with Windows 7. You can feel a liiittle change in Hz value, when motion on 60 Hz Monitor happens. But only a small one. And without Aero enabled, it's totally fine
  7. Windows 10 Multimonitorsetup mit 144Hz und 60Hz. Helfe beim Thema Windows 10 Multimonitorsetup mit 144Hz und 60Hz in Windows 10 Support um eine Lösung zu finden; Moin moin, ich hoffe mir kann hier geholfen werden. Mein Mainmonitor ist ein Asus mit 144 Hz, welcher am Displayport meiner GTX 970 angeschlossen ist...


  1. Puh, ich habe ein ähnliches Setup (144Hz+60Hz) + Windows 10 aber absolut keine Probleme. Hab auch manchmal im Fenster bzw. Randloses Vollbild genutzt und auf dem Zweitmonitor was anderes laufen.
  2. Dual monitor setup locks 144Hz monitor at 60Hz. I've been running a multi-monitor setup for a while now, with an ASUS VG248QE 144Hz monitor as my main, and one or more spare monitors as secondary displays. I've set the ASUS monitor to 144Hz without issue in the past, while the other monitors stay at 60Hz. The other night, Windows wanted to update
  3. As title says. I just bought 144Hz monitor LG27GL850-B and I've got wierd problem with vRAM of RX 5700XT. There is no Overclocking made. OS : Windows 7. Driver 20.2.1 ( 20.2.2 is making my computer to restart at random events ) When refreshing is set to 144 Hz, even on idle my vRAM usage is about 47% and clocks are at 1750 MHz !!!
  4. Regarding the whole 144hz/60hz dual monitor setup issue... Discussion . I've researched this topic ad nauseam for about 6 hours over the past two days. The issue when running two monitors with different refresh rates introduces stutter and/or the monitor with the higher refresh rate being locked to the refresh rate of the lower one when there is anything animated on the 60 hz. The reason this.

Not to mention that the unnecessary overworking of the GPU might lead to overheating and some other bottlenecking problems. Now let's talk about some potential upsides and downsides of each monitor and find out what is the best refresh rate for gaming. 60Hz vs 144Hz. The biggest reason you're still using a 60Hz monitor is probably due to a tight budget. As it goes with technology, this is. Monitor: Unterschied zwischen 60, 144 und 240 Hertz mit 7.000-Fps-Kamera Quelle: LucasArts 06.02.2020 um 14:23 Uhr von Andreas Link - 240 Hertz sind besser als 144 und besser als 60. Stimmt? Auf. MrInfinit3 said: No... this is a Windows issue which requires an x60 divisor in order for mixed refresh rates to function properly (ie: 30hz/60hz/120hz/240hz) Change the refresh rate of the 144hz monitor to 120hz and your issues should disappear. Understood, that's what I'm currently doing, but in this post I linked it states that the issue is. INTERESSTING is, that a local video File with VLC-Player cause no problem at all. It's still smooth 144 Hz. But when I watch Twitch.TV with VLC-Player or in Browser it's not smooth anymore. Same for a preview with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) on the 2. Monitor 60 Hz one. But I wrote all of that above. Here an other example

Not able to Select 4K Resolution at 60Hz. Intel Graphics controllers (4th Generation and newer) support 4K resolutions (4096x2160 or 3840x2160) with refresh rates of up to 60hz. If you're unsure about which Graphics controller is in your system, visit the following site: Identify Your Intel® Graphics Controller Windows 10 Multimonitorsetup mit 144Hz und 60Hz. Moin moin, ich hoffe mir kann hier geholfen werden. Mein Mainmonitor ist ein Asus mit 144 Hz, welcher am Displayport meiner GTX 970 angeschlossen ist. Wenn ich meinen 60 Hz Ferseher anschliesse, hebelt das die Refreshrate meines Monitors aus. Ich kann dann nicht mehr mit 144 Hz zocken Multimonitor 144Hz / 60Hz stutter problem. Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by _cTn_, Oct 15, 2015. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > _cTn_ Master Guru. Messages: 571 Likes Received: 0 GPU: ASUS STRIX 980TI. Hi guys, i am guessing that when you run the primary monitor on 144Hz and something is rendering/updating on the secondary lcd which is 60Hz, the primary monitor.

144hz + 60hz zusammen betreiben? Diskutiere und helfe bei 144hz + 60hz zusammen betreiben? im Bereich Monitore, TV-Geräte & Beamer im SysProfile Forum bei einer Lösung; Hi ich wollte mal wissen, ob man 2 Monitore (auf 144hz und den andere auf 60hz) problemlos betreiben kann. Oder muss ich den 1 This problem only occurred after installing Adrenalin 2020. Tags (3) Tags: 144hz amd glitch. 144hz+60hz setup. 60hz. 0 Likes Share. Reply. All forum topics; Previous Topic; Next Topic; 1 Reply goodplay. MVP Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Permalink; Print; Email to a Friend; Report Inappropriate Content ‎12-25-2019 01:42 AM. Re: 144hz Monitor locked to 60hz after. I have a benq xl2411z and a rl2455ht, 144hz and 60hz, running in a dual monitor config, however the 144hz monitor only runs at 60hz and i cannot even change that in the nvidia control panel, the only option is 60hz or below. The xl2411z is connected via hdmi and the other one via dvi if that help.. Clone a 144hz & a 60hz Display without Problems. gamerW1zz. Follow. May 28, 2019 · 3 min read. Do a search on the internet and you will come across many threads on forums and videos of people.

I have a 21.5 60hz monitor and have a 23.5 144hz monitor with freesync coming tomorrow. I will be using DVI for my 60hz and displayport to displayport for 144hz. I have seen many people complain about not being able to run the 144hz monitor at 144 and only 60 because of the other monitor. They al.. There isnt a hard fix for this, software wise. I had the same problem but there are so many solutions that claim to work, such as run it at 120hz60hz (devision of 2), get another gpu just for the 60hz monitor, use hdmi etc etc. Solution is.. get another 144hz monitor or dont run windows 10. Apparently its a Windows 10 problem. 6. level 2. intulor Selecting borderless window eliminated this problem, but not without introducing its own set of troubles. like the frame rate not being capped at 144hz, which causes annoying screen tearing when it goes above 144fps, also the performance isn't quite what it is in fullscreen mode. Any possible fixes out there? Solved! Go to Solution. Me too. Message 1 of 4 (11,400 Views) Reply. 0 Accepted.

Edit: this problem only occurs when playing in borderless/windowed full screen. If I put it in full screen it seems to fix itself. Although alt+tabbing our of fullscreen is annoying. Tags (7) Tags: 144hz. 60hz. dual monitors. frame drops. hardware accelleration. lag. refresh rates. 1 Like Share. Reply. All forum topics; Previous Topic ; Next Topic; 2 Replies rivem0dz. Adept I Mark as New. Hi, ive started having a problem with my dual monitor setup that i didnt used to have before. I havent changed anything at all. I have two monitors and one is a 144hz monitor (main monitor) and a 60hz monitor that i use to watch videos on. Everytime i watch a video or there is any motion on the s.. Dual monitor - different refresh rate stuttering. Hi there, This is an issue that I've seen go as far back as 2014/15 and STILL HASN'T BEEN FIXED. I've changed from a 3 monitor set up (main in the middle at 144hz and two 60hz monitors on either side. I found that when I played and there was ANYTHING moving on the side monitors the middle would. Note: g-sync will help with this problem a bit but you definitely can feel a slight reduction in smoothness with obs showing a preview. If i had to guess it helps it feel more like 100-110hz in terms of smoothness. A. awolive Member. Dec 7, 2017 #11 I contacted Microsoft support regarding this issue. They are aware of this issue case # 1407200434 They don't have a time when it will be fixed.

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Buy the same brand and make. Problem solved. Jaybonaut Member. Jun 17, 2017 #6 SumDim said: I always buy the same matching manufacturer and model for all my multi screen setups in my office and home. Its just not worth the hassle trying to get off brands working together. Its even more of a pain in the rear if you need to put them on monitor rack or if the desktop stands themselves can't be. The other problem with high refresh, of course, is the load it puts on your graphics subsystem. Double the refresh means double the frame rate and double the work load, which is a big ask even at 1080p, let alone higher resolutions. Even with a seriously zippy GPU, achieving a consistent 120fps at maximum detail is a huge amount of rendering. Suddenly, you may have to choose between slick. Sure why not, I don't see a problem with that. I have a 144hz for gaming and a second 60hz monitor. 466. Share. Report Save. level 2. 3 years ago . I've never run into issues with it causing stuttering in the game on the larger main monitor, but watching a YouTube video on a secondary with a full screen primary has caused my YouTube twitch or Netflix streaming to fuck up and perma load. It. I read also that DVI-D + DPs setup can be a problem on nVidia Surround, some DVI-D monitors works fine and anothers just wont work correctly. I mean 120/144Hz Surround setup. I think i buy another DP/144Hz display, after that all my monitors are DP connected (i have GTX980 with 3 DP connections) and problem should be last winter snow Das Problem ist, dass ich in z. B. Fortnite schon auf die 170 FPS komme, aber net mehr auf 240fps (rtx 2060,r7 2700x) 0 1. Derderimmer 13.05.2020, 21:08. @iUpgradeMyPc Wenn du gerade so auf 170 in Fortnite kommst lohnt es sich wahrscheinlich nicht mehr als 144 zu kaufen. 0.

It's only a problem if you are running media such as movies. I have been able to run 2-eve clients, one in the main screen at 144 Hz and another in the secondary screen at 60 Hz. Without any stuttering and fps drops. But as soon as I launch Netflix it does what you are experiencing and it's bloody annoying, to say the least. - - - Updated - - - Originally Posted by Tyrasibion. It's a common. Disadvantages of 144Hz Monitors. I had the same problem but there are so many solutions that claim to work, such as run it at 120hz60hz (devision of 2), get another gpu just for the 60hz monitor, use hdmi etc etc. so I ordered two new DP cables which will be here friday. I just buy an Asus VG248QE monitor in order to use it at 144Hz. Click Apply . 000000 (Mine is 144hz, set your native. I have the same screen since 2 months now, and I had the same problem as you at the beginning. What fixed it to me was to just install the disk that came with the monitor and restart the pc. Now I have 144hz on any resolution, using 1920*1080. 2015-05-23 01:28 #98 | clrksml. Use DVI or Displayport. My 120hz has hdmi and dvi but i only get 120hz on dvi port. 2015-05-23 01:29 #100 Whalestorm. H. It seems that this is a Windows 10 specific Problem. Since I dont have these Problems on machine #2 with Windows 7 and machine #1 with Linux. To eliminate the problem being related to the GPU manufacturer I switched my 1070Ti for an old HD7790 and got exactly the same issues. So, now I'm pretty much done on my end, I hope somebody on here might have a solution/idea on how to fix the problem or. Drivers 20.11.2 - 20.12.1 no problem vram 120 Hz ,144 Hz. 60 Hz , 165 Hz = high values vram. (view in My Videos) 0 Likes Share. Reply. BrainsCollector. Adept III Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Permalink; Print; Email to a Friend; Report Inappropriate Content ‎01-20-2021 03:38 AM. Re: High Vram Clock always!!! Jump to solution. Hohohoho, veery nice AMD ! Now you.

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2. hab gelesen 144hz + 60hz monitore vertragen sich nicht zusammen. muss ich also direkt bei aufrüsten? 3. hab bei meinem aktuellen monitor das problem, dass wenn ich leicht von unten gucke, das bild etwas dunkel und teilweise schlecht erkennbar ist. muss ich da bei nem neuen monitor auf was bestimmtes achten Question / Help 120Hz/144Hz + 60Hz multimonitor (60FPS) recording lagging only a video player problem? Thread starter Toastfalter; Start date Mar 9, 2020; Toastfalter Member. Mar 9, 2020 #1 Hi, I keep trying to get the problem with the 144Hz monitor 60FPS recording jerky under control. I have 1 144Hz monitor that I have locked to 60Hz. I also use several other monitors, all of which can only. XPS 15 9560, WD15, Dual screen 144Hz + 60Hz Jump to solution. Hi folks I'm using my XPS 9560 docked to a WD15. I just buy an Asus VG248QE monitor in order to use it at 144Hz. But I'm using a dual screen system. With a mDP I'm plugging the 144Hz, and with a VGA or HDMI I'm plugging an other Asus monitor, but running at 60Hz. When using the 144Hz monitor alone, I've no problem for the framerate. Für den durchschnittlichen Verbraucher ist ein 60 Hz-Monitor jedoch vollkommen ausreichend. Wenn Sie sich allerdings im Pro-Gaming/eSport-Sektor bewegen, ist ein hochwertiger Monitor eine durchaus vorteilhafte Option. Wie Sie Ihr Tablet als zusätzlichen Monitor benutzen können, zeigen wir Ihnen im nächsten Praxistipp

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  1. 144hz & 60hz RapidStino Hi everyone I am running a dual monitor set up, one that is running on 60Hz and one on 144Hz. I want to play my games on the 144Hz monitor, and ofcourse run those games at 144Hz and have twitch or youtube or something running on the 60Hz monitor. But the problem is, when I have twitch or YouTube or a video running on the second monitor, my 144Hz monitor doesn't run on.
  2. This is not going to have any meaningful difference however, as going from 4k 60hz to 4k 144hz increases the power draw with about 5 watts. The monitor uses between 60 and 160 Watts depending on what you are doing. So in total, we are maybe looking at a 3-8% increase. Hope this helps
  3. Noch schlimmer ist das Problem dann auf der PS4, da die Einstellungsmöglichkeiten sich hier komplett auf die Hardware reduzieren. Insgesamt wirkten die Farben weniger kontrastreich im Vergleich zu meinem BenQ XL2411Z und das gelbliche Weiß ließ das Bild zunehmend unscharf wirken. Auf dem Foto sieht man links den BenQ und rechts den Acer. Ich hoffe, dass es in etwa sichtbar ist. Das Weiß.
  4. Otherwise, I am willing to try to heal your doubts and solve your problems! Sincerely, J. MaClane ™ For users of the English, Spanish, French and German Community, I will be using Google Translate! 0. sri369 ACE Posts: 2,301 Pathfinder. March 2019. Check the screenshot below. Karma... LIKE - if helpful ACCEPT - if helped resolve-----I am not an Acer employee. Your issue could get better.
  5. g Monitor 24 Zoll (61 cm Bildschirm) Full HD, 180Hz(OC DP), 144Hz(DP), 60Hz(HDMI), 1ms (G2G), HDMI 1.4, DP, höhenverstellbar, drehbar, Gsync auf Amazon.de. Lesen Sie ehrliche und unvoreingenommene Rezensionen von unseren Nutzern
  6. Hi, Im currently running X11 on plasma with RX5700XT but I have a problem with windows not rendering at 144hz while in double monitor setup. When one monitor is set to 144hz and the other to 60, they both run at 60hz. Is there any way to fix this other than running Wayland (Way too broken). X11 doesnt render windows at 144hz while using double monitor setup 144hz/60hz. Support. Graphics.

Problem mit dem zweiten Bildschirm. Diskutiere und helfe bei Problem mit dem zweiten Bildschirm im Bereich Monitore, TV-Geräte & Beamer im SysProfile Forum bei einer Lösung; Guten Morgen, ich habe seit langem das Problem, dass wenn ich meinen Laptop mit erweitertem Bildschirm starte, ich kein Bild bekomme. Der... Dieses Thema im Forum Monitore, TV-Geräte & Beamer wurde erstellt von Nils. Dieses Problem ist oft auf eine falsch kalibrierte Bildwiederholrate zurückzuführen. Die Bildwiederholfrequenz bestimmt, wie oft der Computer das Bild auf dem Monitorbildschirm neu zeichnet. Aus einem Monitor Test haben wir entnommen, dass der Windows-Installationsvorgang, der die Auswahl eines Video-Display-Treibers beinhaltet, gelegentlich eine unangemessene Bildwiederholfrequenz für. 144hz 60hz comparison - Der absolute Favorit unserer Produkttester. Um Ihnen die Wahl des perfekten Produkts ein klein wenig zu erleichtern, haben unsere Tester außerdem das Top-Produkt dieser Kategorie ernannt, das unter allen verglichenen 144hz 60hz comparison sehr auffällig war - vor allen Dingen im Faktor Qualität, verglichen mit dem Preis. Trotz der Tatsache, dass dieser 144hz 60hz.

Cant get 144hz on monitor settings Solved - posted in Windows 10: Hey Guys, I admit I am new to this part of things cause I am used to 60Hz monitors. Now the problem that I am having I downloaded the drivers and it says that my monitor cannot be found. I am using HDMI as well. My PC specs are down the bottom, and this is the new monitor I have. 1st world problems #9. . Nov 20, 2017 @ 1:00pm Originally posted by C.Majed: i cant play csgo on 60hz in 144hz im good at csgo and aiming but in 60hz its so slow how do you get used to 60hz? have you checked nvidia control panel if it says 144hz there too ? #10. skeeber. Nov 20, 2017 @ 2:16pm Originally posted by IM A BANANA: Originally posted by C.Majed: i.

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It made it better however theres flickering now, when theres a refresh rate problem. Single monitor too with aero disabled. I wonder if installing Windows 10 helps? , Share #6 - Mar 8, 2016 at 8:31 PM Joined: Jun 1, 2014 Posts: 2,998 Referrals: 1 Sythe Gold: 1,358 Discord Unique ID: 366268603089289217 Discord Username: Zhiroo#9683. Beware of Imposters, Always Ask For Sythe PM! 144hz & 60hz. Does your games play at higher frame rates than 60 FPS? I.e. can your computer push out images to that screen faster than 60 of them each second? If not, you will see no benefits whatsoever. If it can, how much more? Just some 65 FPS? Not really o.. Monitor is the HP 25x. I got the 144HZ refresh rate with no problem but I can't set up the G-sync for the life of me. Any help? 0 Kudos Scruffyee. Level 1 3 3 1 1 Message 6 of 11 Flag Post ‎11-14-2019 05:10 PM. HP Recommended. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Permalink; Print; Email to a Friend ; Flag Post; You have to turn on free sync on the monitor first. Click the left-most button twice. I've been having this problem since upgrading to a 1070 TI. It's kind of a long shot creating this thread as I've been scouring the internet for fixes with no solution, but I thought I'd give it a shot here anyway. Y'all smart So the problem is that I'm running a dual monitor setup with 144hz/60hz monitors. When running a video game/application on the primary monitor, and browser video content.

Originally posted by moleface237: Mine seems to be working with my 144hz monitor - the framerate w/ vsync on tops out at 144fps and hovers near there most of the time w/ all the settings maxed out. EVGA GTX970 FTW+ 1.5ghz. FX6300 6 core 4.5ghz. 8gb ram. The game runs incredibly smooth Typically, all the latest versions of HDMI and DisplayPort support 144 Hz. But there are certain conditions, you might not be able to get a 144 Hz refresh rate using either of the input sources. Also, you have to bear in mind that the cable doesn't matter whether it will support 144 Hz or not. It is the port that matters

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Monitor zum zocken. 120 / 144hz? Hey community!, Ich spiele jz schon seit Anfang an mit einem 60hz Monitor und möchte daher upgraden auf 120 hz bzw 144 hz. Jetzt stellt sich für mich nur die Frage ob es so einen grossen Unterschied zwischen 120 und 144hz gibt oder ob ein 120hz Monitor für shooter ( csgo ) reicht! 60 FPS auf 144Hz/60Hz Unterschied. Du bräuchtest ein Ausgabegerät mit HDMI 2.1 für 120Hz bei nativer Auflösung. Bisher gibt es keine Grafikkarte die das liefert. #3 Stormfirebird. DomainKing Gast. 3070 & 3080 kaum FPS Unterschiede ? Geht mir bei der rtx3060ti auch so merke keinen Unterschied zur Rtx3070 aber eine rtx 3080 ist schon wesentlich schneller fc5 ist jedoch das falsche Spiel. This screen compares multiple framerates. If using a 120Hz monitor, then 120fps is automatically added to this test (30fps vs 60fps vs 120fps) in supported browsers.. Try these additional tests: Eye Tracking Demo | Video Game Panning Test | Persistence Demo | Ghosting Test | Black Frame Insertion Dem Legion Y530 new 144hz panel replacement. 2019-03-26, 1:32 AM. Hi there :) I've y530 81FV013FGM and I'm looking to change the screen 60hz 250nits panel with 144hz 300nits panel which is better. The main reason that I'm looking to do that I need a brighter screen mostly for outdoor use. Do you know where I can find it, what is the part number of. Ein Problem, das ich hatte: Mehrere Monitore: 2 mit 60Hz und Hauptmonitor mit 144Hz. Wenn ich den Vertikal sync nicht aktiviere und obs auf einem anderen als dem Hauptbildschirm betreibe, ruckelt es sehr heftig

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It's the function key with two squares. The function key cycles through different displays and combinations. Been doing some research and many people say that yes, it is possible to connect an external display but it will not run at 144hz. Only with a DVI port. And my laptop only has an HDMI port Hello i seriously have big problem here.. I can't stream csgo whatever settings i'm using it doesn't work still fps drop? But when i stream overwatch i can stream it at 720p 60fps with ultra ingame settings locked fps on 153fps and don't drop a single fps when playing. PC i7, 7700K 4.2ghz (turbo 4.5ghz) 32GB 2400mhz GTX 1080ti 11 GB SLI 3 monitors, 144hz,60hz and 60hz Network: Download 250.

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das Problem war bereits beim ersten Start vorhanden, da die oben genannten Punkte nichts bewirkten führte ich einen clean install durch (Windows 10 Home v1903 - Build .267), der Treiber für die Integrierte Grafikkarte ist der Treiber von Intel vom 12.6.2019 (Treiberversion:, der Treiber für die Geforce RTX 2060 von Nvidia vom 17.7.2019 (Treiberversion: Experiencing the same problem with a very simple 2D game prototype running on Godot 3.1.1 stable release. Varying frame rate on slow hardware is also a problem. Setting fixed_fps to the monitor's frame rate is not enough in that case. I also tried to increase physics rate to 250Hz. While the jitter got a bit better, it still persists and very much visible. I tried interpolating the rendering. Is it GPU problem, or maybe I have to reflash motherboard bios without GPU drivers? Thanks a lot! EDIT: Now everytime I reset my PC (changing or not changing refresh rates), It hangs in CO or C0 so I have to hit the reset button and it will pass... Never experienced this before. Last edited by toxzl2; 09-18-2017 at 04:01 PM. 09-19-2017 01:48 AM #14. HnS-CHH. View Profile View Forum Posts.

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Windows 10 v2004 was supposed to greatly improve upon handling of multi-monitor setups mixing both high and low refresh rates (144Hz/60Hz). However, I'm not shocked this is still happening. With the Windows 10 20H2 update supposedly coming out in this Tuesday's update and Microsoft saying that all the bits for it are already on the machines of those with v2004---Tuesday's update will. Leider ist das hier nicht das Problem ich würde gerne Iracing auf 3 Monitore betreiben aber das funkt ja nicht egal was ich mache.. U. User 3447. 8 März 2019 #5 Ich wieder mit meiner exoktischen Lösung. Die Frage bzgl. der Hz zahl kann ich dir nicht beantworten, da ich eh nur 60 (bzw. 67) habe. Ist wahrscheinlich eine Windowseinstellung für die Hz Zahl (+ die richtigen Kabel). iRacing. This page is outdated. Please do not use it anymore. You can find our new help website here: Wallpaper Engine - Troubleshooting & FAQ VERY OLD FAQ STARTS HERE. Using this FAQ is not recommended, please use the new help website to receive up-to-date technical help: Wallpaper Engine - Troubleshooting & FAQ Common questions before buying The Wallpaper Engine Wiki for wallpaper edi Big bang for your buck. The new TUF Gaming FX505 and FX705 capture new ground by putting NVIDIA's GeForce RTX graphics and AMD's Ryzen APUs shoulder to shoulder in affordable gaming laptops equipped to do much more. Carefully specced with up to a GeForce RTX 2060 GPU and 144Hz vIPS-level display, they strike the right balance between the. Das Problem bisheriger nicht-HDR-Bildschirme: In besonders dunklen Szenen verschwinden Details wie Silhouetten von Objekten, während dunkles Grau beinahe schwarz wirkt. Bei Szenen mit viel Licht hingegen, erscheinen helle Objekte als nahezu weiß, wenn der Bildschirm versucht die unterschiedlichen Nuancen darzustellen. Bei HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) hingegen, handelt es sich um Bildmaterial mit.

144Hz + 60Hz Dual Monitor Bug/Feature - Displays - Linus

Problems arise when the two fall out of step, leading to perceptible stuttering and visual tearing. Tearing happens when the graphics card sends a new frame while the monitor is still drawing the old one. The picture changes mid-refresh, producing a visible seam that's especially obvious with fast action. Many games eliminate tearing with a VSync setting that only provides new frames at the. 144Hz 60Hz Enjoy unparalleled picture quality with 3440 x 1440 resolution (UltraWide QHD). This 21:9 high resolution display has a high vertical resolution and a wider panoramic image - that means more space to work, better movie quality, and more immersive gaming. Expand your perspective with an ultra wide view in Quad H 1440p + 144Hz 60Hz is out of the question, doesn't matter if it's 4K or 16K. S. ShogunDarius Member. May 30, 2013 7,665 0 0. Jun 11, 2016 #37 Gemüsepizza;206449184 said: It's IPS, and should cost less than 1000 , because it's basically the Asus P27AQ with a higher clocked chip and DisplayPort 1.4. Also this monitor isn't that great. With DisplayPort 1.4 you could get one with 4K, 120hz and. Erlebe das Schlachtfeld wie nie zuvor, mit dem gebogenen Gaming-Monitor MSI Optix MAG322CQRV! Ausgestattet mit einer Auflösung von 2560 x 1440 WQHD und einer bahnbrechenden Bildwiederholfrequenz von 144 Hz erfasst der MSI Optix MAG322CQRV jede Kugel, während Du durchs Schlachtfeld rennst

The ROG Strix XG49VQ is a super ultra-wide 49 dual full HD gaming monitor with a smooth 144Hz refresh rate that offers the ultimate immersive gaming experience. It features Radeon™ FreeSync 2 HDR, with DCI-P3 90% professional color gamut coverage and DisplayHDR™ 400 certification Aside from us requiring a much bigger table for this beast, the XG49V literally solved the 2019 problems of anyone who needs a display that can consolidate their work, gaming, and even streaming problems. This is a definite-must investment for serious investment especially game streamers. very good Nevertheless I can fully recommend the ASUS ROG Strix XG49VQ to gamers! Even if the price is. I have a problem with my mouse where very short clicks (basicly one taps) dont get detected in game reliably. It sometimes just doesnt shoot when I click. I did not have this problem with other any OS (Win 8, Ubuntu 14.10/15.04) with the.. There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. 144Hz 60Hz Response Time 1ms 1ms 5ms 1ms 5ms 5ms HDR10 Content Support - - - - - Ergonomics (Tilt, Height, Swivel & Pivot) Tilt Only Connectivity HDMI (x2), DisplayPort, USB Hub HDMI (x2), DisplayPort, USB Hub HDMI (x3), DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, USB Hub HDMI, DisplayPort, USB Hub VX2758-C-MH: HDMI, VGA.

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